3D modeling and rendering for:

Architectural structures
exterior - residential and commercial

Marketing renderings
A full color 3D image with a walkthrough video animation of any size building inside out; this will help sell the units or the whole building before the constructions even starts.

Planning department approval drawings
Before and after view impact images, showing the existing picture plus a full color 3D image of the future building inserted in the original photograph. These images have gotten manybuildings approved by the planning department, and now is becoming the most convenient method to get the planning department’s approval.

Visualization for forensic purposes
Fire, car accidents, 3D building drawings, PowerPoint presentations.

Animation walkthroughs
Video animation showing the building fully textured, with lighting. This includes landscape like trees, grass, human figures inside and out to help visualize the real life scale and application.

Interior design
residential bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and commercial offices, lobbies, conference rooms, etc.


Industrial design
furniture, electrical and mechanical devices, invention design